Bonar Law Commons

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31 bonar law ave., Rexton, NB, E4W 1V6
506-532-6899    |    Facebook
Opens July to September each year.  Call 506-523-6921 off-season.

The Common is a very unique place, if only for being the birthplace of Andrew Bonar Law (1858-1923), which was one of the very few now and only one then named Prime Minister of Great Britain born outside of Great Britain. The man and his life stories are amazing within themselves, visit us and find out more. Request a guided tour of the homestead of Rev. James Law and birthplace of Andrew Bonar Law.  See how people in the 1800’s lived.  You can also visit the barns that occupy all sorts of tools.

The Festival Area can be rented for various events, reunions, birthdays or family gatherings, with lots of room to play.  Take use of our outdoor screened in gazebo or roofed bandstand overlooking the water.  For more info, contact the Common.

on site, the Richibucto River Historical Society displays their many artefacts in the Richibucto River Museum. The municipality operates the site. A small gift shop specializing in local handicrafts is also on hand for souvenir hunters.  Come and enjoy the artefacts of the local area while learning of the local culture on the Richibucto River. There are many great items on display, including early period marine and first nation artefacts. Check out the local “Tall Ship Masts” which identifies the Richibucto River Tall Ship Building History.

DID YOU KNOW… BLC offers free space in its Community Garden.  The garden is tilled and ready for you to start growing!  Simply contact us and we’ll find a spot for you.

Our panels “A Walk Through Time” tell the story of how life on the Richibucto River has evolved.  Take a stroll and enjoy learning about the regions past.  Don’t rush, sit in the shade, and enjoy the scenery and lovely summer breeze.

Bring you kids to play, we have a great children’s play area; there’s lots of fun to be had climbing, swinging and sliding!

A number of events and activities are hosted every year.  Visit our Facebook during our open season and stay informed on our fun planned activities!